Monitor. Detect. Alert. Enabling stroke treatment for people at risk

StrokeAlert is a startup company addressing the “silent” stroke challenge.
By detecting a hemodynamic change we can change stroke detection.

Detect change. Change detection.


If You Can See It You Can Treat It

Avertto monitors blood flow to the brain detects changes typical of large vessel occlusion and provides AI-based alerts enabling treatment.

The problem: Most individuals having a stroke do not reach the emergency room on time, resulting in devastating outcomes.

The solution: Monitor, Detect physiological changes, enabling early intervention.

OUR VISION: Ability to Prevent Disability

Wellness for people with stroke risk

Preserve health and independence for people at risk for silent stroke. Reduce stress from a
future stroke. Improve the quality of life by reducing silent stroke impact.

It is about time

Strokes, episodic treatable events with timely detection, are entrusted with the responsibility of self-management

The problem

Most individuals with stroke do not reach the emergency room on time for treatment, resulting in a devastating outcome

The solution

Avertto is a continuous wearable hemodynamic monitoring system that provides an
automated alert for stroke that enables early detection and treatment

The Impact

We will meet the UNDP3 goal of reducing premature mortality from non-communicable
diseases through prevention and treatment and promoting well-being

Specific objectives

A wearable alert system that will detect at least 70% of large strokes for people at
risk for stroke

Home care

Shifting medical care from hospitals to the home environment
preserving the quality of life and comfort

OUR MISSION Enabling early intervention StrokeAlert will Provide:

Our Values

StrokeAlert management code

Active. Prevention. Wellness. Positive.

Resilience. Passion. Learning. Education.

Trust. Safety. Quality assurance. Risk management

Gender equality. Good Faith. Growth. Responsiveness.

Telehealth. Home care. Natural environment. Quality-of-Life.

Complex problem-solving. Technology. Innovation. Development.

Our Team

Meet the people behind Stroke Alert

The experienced multidisciplinary team of clinicians and developers
We work together to improve life saving healthcare

Dr. Hilla Ben-Pazi MD

Co-Founder, CEO

Co-founder, a senior neurologist with decades
of experience in clinical studies, and a founder
of a tele-neurology company (2017, NeuroCan)

Mr. Avshalom Mizrahi, BSc MBA

Co-Founder, CTO

Co-founder, a computer engineer, and a business
manager with decades of experience of bringing product from bench to market

Pnina Rappel, PhD

Leading Algorithm Development

Computational neuroscience
Algorithm development

Carcom Dekel, BSc

Leading Sensor Development

Bio engineer, medical device R&D

Shirley Ackerman, BPT ,MSc

Leading Clinical Research

Physiotherapist, International
clinical studies CRA

Limor Prigan,

Leading Business Development

Global Business visionary decision-making,
strategy, and execution

Ori Shriky

Algorithm Development

Mathematics student

Alan Rotman, MSc

Sensor Software Development

Founder & President, Sales figs

Meron Ben-Pazi

Sensor Development

Physics student

Lior Toledano, BSc

Algorithm Development

Machine Learning Specialist


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